The Pittsburgh Steelers is an American professional football team based in Pittsburgh. They are affiliated to the National Football League (NFL). The team has won six Super Bowl titles and eight AFC championships. It’s considered one of the most successful franchises in the field, with more Super...

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A slip or a fall is a personal injury case is defined as a very specific legal event: if a person trips and is injured on another’s property, given the conditions of the accident, it makes the affected party prone to claim compensation. These cases come in a broad category since many premises hav...

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So many people make the mistake of handling their personal injury cases that is almost sad to watch as there are scammed or underpaid by insurance companies. These corporations know their way around the law very well, and they do everything in their power to avoid paying the full amount of any gi...

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Regular people never realize how important it is to have legal counsel at hand. It takes a real bad life experience to take this into account and have a legal team they can rely on available to call. When you have to face the legal system looking for compensation after serious medical negligence,...

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Looking for activities that locals from Pittsburgh enjoy a lot and that visitors surely will want to do even on a low budget? Check this out!

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The Pittsburgh Penguins is an American ice hockey team based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The team is recognized for achieving victories in the Stanley Cup five times. The Penguins was founded in 1967 as the National Hockey League began their expansion efforts. The Penguins bear their name to hon...

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Too many people wonder why they need a lawyer when a personal injury happens at their workplace. There is a simple answer to that question: being unknowledgeable of the law and how the legal system works will stop you from collecting a well-deserved compensation. For instance, there are way too m...

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There is no shortage of historians willing to tell you that Pittsburgh story is closely related to steel and iron and they would be right to do so. The state experienced one of the greatest economic booms as a commercial city just right after the American Revolution. It was meant to be, after all...

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The University of Pittsburgh is a college campus located in Pennsylvania, U.S. It’s comprised by the main pus in Pittsburgh with extended branches in Johnstown, Greensburg, Bradford, and Titusville. The Pittsburgh campus is the central location, and it houses a comprehensive research center for h...

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3 months ago
Professionalism and a positive attitude are huge benefits you get after hiring them. All my emails were answered. They use a specific strategy to get us a reasonable settlement at the end of the session.
- Stephen M
4 months ago
I was impressed on the day when I had a consultation in his office. Very friendly. This is my first time fighting for an injury trial and wasn't sure about the outcome. Thank you for bringing justice and giving me peace of mind.
- Edward K
4 months ago
I had a great experience and would always consider them for legal matters. Every step was thoroughly explained to me in the process until it got completed. They had saved my reputation which was slightly shaking before their arrival.
- Christopher R

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Reasons to Hire Personal Injury Lawyers in Pittsburgh 

Too many people wonder why they need a lawyer when a personal injury happens at their workplace. There is a simple answer to that question: being unknowledgeable of the law and how the legal system works will stop you from collecting a well-deserved compensation. For instance, there are way too many people who don’t even know they deserve a payout for any injuries they sustain that are not their responsibility. By hiring a law firm, you can help ensure the best compensation given the circumstances of your case. Contact Pittsburgh Injury Lawyers can help with your case today!

The More You Know… 

A quick online search can offer some insight on a few statistics that show how injury victims have an increased chance of a successful claim during a legal process when they hire an experienced lawyer to handle their case. It’s also a well-known fact that those who employ a lawyer to handle their claims, usually receive up to three times more money before legal fees. Those who try to handle a claim on their own typically get the short end of the stick, since insurance companies and lawyers will do everything in their power to stall payments and strike low deals. 

The Misdirection of Insurance Companies 

By not hiring an attorney, you could be exposed to negative consequences. This is especially true if you don't know how to handle legal processes. Some of the most commons mistakes found in cases that could have been settled easily are mistakes made by handling Social Security benefits application. This usually leads to claims and appeals denied. If you don't understand the law, your workers compensation benefits could be stopped. Insurance companies could miss essential deadlines on purpose. You could also fall victim to settlement policies by unethical insurance companies. The most common one is to offer quick settlements for much less than you deserve. 

Practice Areas:

Pittsburgh Medical Malpractice Lawyer
Pittsburgh Car Accident Attorney
Pittsburgh Slip and Fall Attorneys

The Reasons to Hire a Lawyer 

The hard facts are that you should never agree to any kind of settlement before having a clear understanding of the extension of your injuries, as well as any future medical needs that may come up. There is also the matter of unpaid medical bills, and the time you will need off work to recover from your accident. Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers can handle the legal paperwork and deal with the insurance companies while keeping you informed of the legal rights you are entitled to. They can also guide you on every single step to make the legal claims a success. Since most of the law firms offering these services work on a paid-by-case basis, you don't have to worry about expenses unless you win the case. 

A good personal injury law firm sends investigators to the site of the accident to collect evidence as well as interview witnesses. They also use any resource available to determine who is at fault for your injuries. Their research can offer better insight into the benefits and compensation you can get. A good law firm will cover the costs of proving your case in court. They usually work with their own panel of experts and medical professionals to work with the victim. Since their knowledge of the legal system is vast and their network is functional at all moments they can track deadlines, as well as answer any question, you just have to focus on your recovery.

Primary Areas of Service:

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Other Areas of Service:

Downtown Pittsburgh
Strip District
North Shore
South Oakland
North Oakland
Mount Washington
Squirrel Hill North
South Shore
Cultural District
East Liberty
Hill District
Polish Hill
Brighton Heights
Southside Flats
Southside Slopes
East Allegheny

And Many other Neighborhoods throughout Pittsburgh and Allegheny County!

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